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Re: My very own Guix System Server in my apartment

From: Jonathan McHugh
Subject: Re: My very own Guix System Server in my apartment
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2021 12:01:40 +0000


Im sure you will be fine. Who knows, by the time you run into scaling 
difficulties you may already have many power users intimate with your service.

I consider the Tilde concept honourable, as it encourages people to trust each 
other more. Id like to think Guix' security standards and reproducability fits 
into the mould (though Id countenance the server costs would be more than some 
leaner (Alpine style) OSes).

Should that cutting eventually grow branches, Id be happy to water the soil, 
cut leaves and eat the fruit. FYI Im trying to plan services later this year, 
hopefully I can be in your slipstream. I should email you privately re a recent 
thread in any case.

Jonathan McHugh

July 1, 2021 12:11 PM, "Joshua Branson" <> wrote:

> "Jonathan McHugh" <> writes:
>> Dear Bone,
>> A great suggestion.
>> I do wonder whether a 'Guildiverxe' would require more than 30GB to
>> manage users compiling scripts. I guess a build farm strategy would
>> have to be used where precompiled scripts are unavailable.
> This is something to consider I suppose...I'll just have to set
> something up and see what what happens.
>> Would such an enquiry be for the bods upstairs though?
>> =>
> I might mail them to get some pointers for setting up a public access
> space. Thanks for the tip! And I might email Guix HPC too.

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