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How to use "setuid-program"?

From: Matthew Brooks
Subject: How to use "setuid-program"?
Date: Fri, 3 Sep 2021 13:24:27 -0500

The old way of doing setuid programs:

   #~(string-append #$slock "/bin/slock")

now gives a deprecation warning as follows:
>warning: representing setuid programs with file-like objects is deprecated; 
>use 'setuid-program' instead

The actual manual, however, still lists the old way as the way to do it. As 
such, I haven't been able to work out what sytax is actually expected for 
defining a setuid program with "setuid-program".

I assume that someone familiar with guile could probably check the definition 
of "setuid-program" or something to determine what it expects, but I have no 
idea how to do that either.

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