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How should the `xorg-start-command' procedure be used?

From: Thomas Albers
Subject: How should the `xorg-start-command' procedure be used?
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2021 23:24:56 +0200
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Hello everyone,

could someone please explain to me how the `xorg-start-procedure' is
supposed to be used?

I understand it generates a startx script to be used instead of the
default startx that comes with xinit. But the generated script does not
work for me and the logs weren't very helpful.

I know there is an email in this mailing list explaining how to use the
x server without a login manager. Up until now I've been using the
custom startx script given in that email, but I would like to include my
xorg config into my system config.

Currently the relevant part of my config looks like this:

(services (cons* (extra-special-file
                       (fonts (cons* font-gnu-unifont
                       (keyboard-layout keyboard-layout))))
          [ ... ]))

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