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Cuirass service SSH_AUTH_SOCK

From: Vamsi Vytla
Subject: Cuirass service SSH_AUTH_SOCK
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2021 15:44:02 -0700


I couldn't find a way to get the guix-cuirass service to successfully
git-checkout from an authenticated git repository. I see this in the log:

2021-10-01T15:26:43 Fetching channels for spec '<reponame>'.
2021-10-01T15:26:43 Git error while fetching inputs of '<reponame>': "error
authenticating: no auth sock variable"

Looks like SSH_AUTH_SOCK is not an environment variable that is defined in
services/cuirass.scm. Would it be possible to make it such a way that the
user can pass an ssh-agent socket as a variable (assuming the keys are
password less), via a service-extension?

I am by no means a security expert, and was wondering if there was any
sense in starting an ssh-agent and adding system keys to it and using that
as a starting point? This could mean that the system keys could be added as
deploy keys to any private git repo?


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