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What should ~/.profile look like after running "guix pull"?

From: Tim Lee
Subject: What should ~/.profile look like after running "guix pull"?
Date: Tue, 5 Oct 2021 12:12:08 +0800

I installed GNU Guix 1.3.0 binary using the tarball downloaded from
After the installation process, I added these lines to my ~/.profile:

    [ -d "$GUIX_PROFILE" ] && \
        . "$GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile"

I recently ran "guix pull" to upgrade my packages. At the end of
"guix pull", there is an informative message that asks me to run
something like:

    . "$GUIX_PROFILE/etc/profile"

However, the documentation about "guix pull" in the Guix manual
( says
that I should add this to ~/.profile:

    export PATH="$HOME/.config/guix/current/bin:$PATH"
    export INFOPATH="$HOME/.config/guix/current/share/info:$INFOPATH"

I have some questions:

1. What exactly should I place in ~/.profile to accommodate Guix?
2. Is the answer to question (1) the same before and after running
   "guix pull"?
       (By "before", I mean a version of Guix binary downloaded from By "after", I mean the latest
       version of Guix obtained by running "guix pull").

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