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From: Théo Tyburn
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2021 15:24:17 +0000

Hi :)

I'm trying to mount an internal hard drive with ntfs partition
automatically when I boot. So I added this to
file-systems in my operating-system definition :

    (device "/dev/sdb1")
    (mount-point "/mnt/ihd")
    (type "ntfs")
    (check? #f))

By doing so the filesystem is owned by root and other users don't have
any permissions on it.

So based on what I found running "man mount" I tried adding one after
the other these options
(options "rw"), (options "defaults"), (options "guid=users,umask=000")

so for example I tried
    (device "/dev/sdb1")
    (mount-point "/mnt/ihd")
    (type "ntfs")
    (options "rw")
    (check? #f))

but I always get the same error when I reboot after reconfiguring:
'ntfs: (device sdb1): parse_options(): Unrecognized mount option rw'

>From what I found here
the problem might come from the fact that the ntfs used is that from the kernel
and not the version from ntfs-3g.
The first doens't seem to recognize mount options.

This might also be linked to another problem : notice I add the field
(check? #f).
Without it I got the error :
"ntfsfix : no such file or directory"
I guess ntfsfix also comes bundled with ntfs-3g
so it would make sense that these two bugs have the same origin.

So the question is : how do I make make guix use the ntfs-3g package
in my operating system definition ?
Of course the package is available in the package list of the
operating system definition.

I looked a bit at the source but couldn't figure out how the command
(mount.ntfs or mount.ntfs-3g)
is selected depending on the fs type.
The decisive steps seem to happen in the "mount-file-system" define*
at the end of gnu/build/file-system.scm.
What I don't understand there is what "(mount source target type flags
options)" does,
because I don't find where (mount) is defined.
This is as far as my guile/geiser hacking level can take me for now.
If sommeone can explain me, I'd be gratefull !

Théo Tyburn

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