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Re: How is .guix-home created?

From: Daniel Meißner
Subject: Re: How is .guix-home created?
Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2021 15:09:34 +0200
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Hi Holger,

Holger Peters schreibt:
>So, I am running guix on top of a Debian testing, just to provide the
>context that I am operating in. I found
>and what is missing is how the ~/.guix-home directory is created (I
>assume it is created by .guix-home). Or, to phrase it from another angle,
>how do I connect the home-configuration as in
>with guix-home.

The ~/.guix-home directory is created by the `guix home' command automatically. 
The manual says:

> The home environment is configured by providing a home-environment 
> declaration in a file that can be passed to the guix home command (see 
> Invoking guix home).

So, after you wrote your home-enviroment declaration, say in the file 
myhome.scm, you'd invoke

$ guix home reconfigure myhome.scm

which will create the ~/.guix-home directory as well as the appropiate 
~/.bash_profile file if your home-environment also contains a shell 
configuration (this is recommended). No worries about existing config files, 
guix home will back them up for you.


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