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Re: GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH doesn't have priority over official guix packages

From: Phil
Subject: Re: GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH doesn't have priority over official guix packages
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2021 09:10:54 +0100
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Tim Lee writes:

>> Environment Variable: GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH
>> This is a colon-separated list of directories to search for additional
>> package modules. Directories listed in this variable take precedence
>> over the own modules of the distribution.
> The last sentence makes it sound like GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH will always have
> precedence over the official guix channel.

I think the doc should specify "all else being equal" - my own trail and
error testing seem to suggest that when versions are equal, Guix will then 
prefer the
package specified by "-L" or "GUIX_PACKAGE_PATH" - however a higher version 
seems to always win, wherever it is specified.

2 Caveats -

This is just by observation only, perhaps someone else can
comment if this is intended or not.

I used time-machine to test this but I don't think that
should change things.  I was able to move backwards and forwards in time
vs a local package I have specified.  My local package was taken when I
moved backwards in time, but when I moved forwards to a newer version in
Guix it took the remote package instead.  When the package was the same
as remote it took the version with a local location - as far as I can

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