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max-jobs and parallel-builds

From: Phil
Subject: max-jobs and parallel-builds
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 12:02:39 +0100
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Hi all,

Does guix-daemon option max-jobs
( dictate:

1. how many instances of "guix build" can be executed from the console in
tandem, or

2. how many steps/phases within a build can run in tandem, or

3. how many processes a command as part of the package description can
run (eg if I "invoke" a command like "make -j8" is it throttled?), or

4. How many guixbuildNN users it can use to perform an action - and if
this is the case what does this mean in terms of practical throughput?

Or is it something else?

Also when setting up an offload server
(, it
looks to me like the machines.scm setting parallel-build dictates how
many builds will be potentially offloaded to each server - however how
does this interplay if at all with the setting of max-jobs on the
offload server?  For example if I restrict max-jobs on my offload server
to 1, but set the parallel-build on my main server to 4 - who wins?
Will the offload server build 1 or 4 builds in parallel?

Or do they not overlap at all because they mean slightly different things?


>From the docs - perhaps the distinction is "builds" and "build jobs" but
I'm not 100% clear:

parallel-builds (default: 1)

    The number of builds that may run in parallel on the machine.

-M n

    Allow at most n build jobs in parallel. The default value is 1. Setting it 
to 0 means that no builds will be performed locally; instead, the daemon will 
offload builds (see Daemon Offload Setup), or simply fail.

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