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Re: U-Boot for Raspberry Pi

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: U-Boot for Raspberry Pi
Date: Tue, 2 Nov 2021 14:24:38 +0100


> Thanks for your amazing work! I've applied the patches and it builds the 
> system.

Welcome, and thanks for the feedback.

> However, I ran into several issues.

Your troubles might indicate that you didn’t properly mount the ext4 and FAT 
file systems below /mnt. You should follow the manual regarding an EFI system¹: 
Mount the ext4 partition of the microSD card at /mnt and the FAT partition of 
the microSD card at /mnt/boot/efi – you will have to call ‘mkdir -p 
/mnt/boot/efi’ after mounting the ext4 partition and before mounting the FAT 

> Do you have different suggestion on how to invoke the guix system init 
> command?

Please separate build and installation. First build guix as described in the 
manual² without any sudo but inside its build environment with the amount of 
cores you like to use:

$ guix environment --pure guix
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure --localstatedir=/var
$ make -j 4
$ exit

Then use the new guix outside its build environment to initialize the system 
with sudo:

$ sudo -E ./pre-inst-env guix system init --system=aarch64-linux 
gnu/system/examples/raspberry-pi-64.tmpl /mnt

The --system flag is needed in your case executing the command on a host PC. 
However, I built and installed my system directly on the Raspberry, so I didn’t 
use it. Also --skip-checks was not necessary in my case. But building guix with 
only 1 GB is meanwhile close to impossible.

Is there possibly an issue with checks when installing for another system? It 
could also be that these checks got “improved” but fail in this case. At least 
additional initrd modules are not needed. So just add the --skip-checks option, 
if guix complains otherwise.

I hope this will solve your issues.

The certificate issues could have been due to your unconventional use of sudo. 
The symlink issue must have been due to the wrong mount point of the FAT 



¹ <>
² <>

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