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Re: How to add /bin/sh to the build environment

From: Leo Famulari
Subject: Re: How to add /bin/sh to the build environment
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2021 20:41:59 -0500

On Mon, Nov 08, 2021 at 08:36:08PM -0500, Philip McGrath wrote:
> Mostly I wanted to follow up to say that, from my perspective, SML/NJ is a
> very noteworthy and influential language implementation. Perhaps the most
> familiar example for Guix folks would be that Guile's fibers are based on
> Concurrent ML, which is an SML/NJ extension:

Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I stand corrected!

> Personally I've only read ML, not written it, but from a Debian bug I found
> through searching online
> (<>), it appears
> that there are no known Standard ML implementations that avoid this
> bootstrapping problem. SML/NJ, in addition to being one of the most
> important implementations in its own right, is apparently capable of
> bootstrapping at least one other implementation, MLton. (Unlike some on that
> thread, I don't consider the 5x slowdown for the bootstrap build to be
> prohibitive: bootstrapping Chez Scheme via Racket has a 10x slowdown.)
> It is very valuable that Guix maintains such high standards for
> bootstrapping from source. However, Guix does still contain some compilers
> that have bootstrapping limitations. SML/NJ is no worse that Chez Scheme in
> this respect, and comparably important. (One difference is that there is a
> path to backporting the bootstrap simulation from Racket's fork to the
> upstream variant, which would remove the problem---but I don't that wasn't
> true when Chez Scheme was first added to Guix.) The status quo is that no
> Standard ML language implementation at all seems to be in Guix. I think
> including SML/NJ would be better than waiting for someone to write a
> hypothetical Standard ML compiler in a host language with a better
> bootstrapping story.

I see. Maybe it's worth attempting to patch the binary to use /tmp/sh
while bootstrapping, in that case. Or maybe there *is* some way to add
/bin/sh to the build environment for just this package, without
having to make the change for all packages, which would be undesirable.

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