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Re: Custom libre kernel configuration

From: Stefan
Subject: Re: Custom libre kernel configuration
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2021 13:35:36 +0100

Hi Petr!

> However, the CONFIG_ANDROID_BINDER_IPC is still not part of the config :-/

It is possible that these settings have conflicts or unfulfilled dependencies. 
Maybe try my patch series┬╣ and use the modify-linux function. It creates a 
defconfig file from a linux package and applies your settings to that. Beside 
the docstring of modify-linux, you can find a usage example in 



P. S. Did the guix system init work for your Raspberry? There was another hint 
to use --target=aarch64-linux-gnu and possibly --skip-checks.

┬╣ <> patches 2 and 4, patch 8 for the usage 

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