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Re: Best base system for Guix

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Best base system for Guix
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2021 17:19:21 +0100


On Thu, 11 Nov 2021 at 11:59, Alexander Asteroth <> 

> Also I'm asking myself how Guix deals with different
> systems/kernels/base installations and how it decides which packages
> will work? Isn't there any dependence? Is this documented somewhere?

Guix-the-package-manager works on the top of any Linux distro and the
packages from Guix are defined by the Guix revision (guix describe).
For one specific Guix revision, build and run the packages on the top of
Arch should be exactly the same as build and run the packages on the top
of Debian.  Well, that what others had answered. :-)

I just want to add that the assumption to make it happen is about kind
of “stability” of Linux kernel.  The machine using Arch runs one Linux
kernel, not necessary at the same version and/or compiled with the same
tools as the other machine using Debian.  The assumption is that this
variation of the Linux kernel does not have any influence – bit-to-bit
reproducibility speaking – on building the packages.

Well, the corner cases are really really really rare that I do not
remember such reproducibility issue or even just know one case. :-)


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