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downgrade issue on guix system

From: Alexander Asteroth
Subject: downgrade issue on guix system
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2021 12:38:29 +0100
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Dear all,

I just wanted to install cups service on my guix system. I recofigured
the system without an error one hour ago (introduced seperate home
filesystem) and now, when I try to add the cups service (I did a guix
pull in between as well) I get:

> guix system: error: aborting reconfiguration because commit 
> bd2aa8031babdca5f574fca52e025d6794f08d82 of channel 'guix' is not a 
> descendant of 7f974548ac20cab88b9bb589a5e1d85ee3b8d337
> hint: Use `--allow-downgrades' to force this downgrade.

I have no clue what caused that error therefor I also don't know if it's
a good idea to allow downgrades. ... or what es to do to resolve the



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