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Re: Emacs inside container: preserved DISPLAY unavailable etc

From: t
Subject: Re: Emacs inside container: preserved DISPLAY unavailable etc
Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2022 13:09:52 +0000
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> Authorization required, but no authorization protocol specified

Actually, mine only said "No protocol specified" making it vague, yours at 
least hint at something to investigate. Googling around shows people don't seem 
to know what they are doing and afraid to dig into X internals, so most posts 
are just cargo-culting and trying random stuff. Sadly, I'm in that group, so 
lets just randomly try stuff:


which stores some magic cookie, so lets add

--expose=$XAUTHORITY --preserve='^XAUTHORITY$'

standing ovation, everyone congratulates everyone, noone really understands 
what just happened

I guess manual needs to be updated, or maybe guix shell --container Scheme 
code. Dunno

Thank you very much for that STDERR hint

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