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Re: How to run a program from an old generation?

From: Γυψ
Subject: Re: How to run a program from an old generation?
Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2022 12:18:54 +0100
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The issue of nextcloud is a known issue in version 3.2 and seems to be
resolved in 3.3. A workaround (removing cache, etc.) can be found here

The more general questions below might still be interesting.


On Thu, Jan 06 2022, 11:29:09, Γυψ <> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I currently have an issue with nextcloud-client segfaulting in the
> current guix environment. Until this is fixed an option were to switch
> to the old generation where it still worked, start it and switch back to
> the current generation.  Is there an option to run a program in a
> specific generation without completely switching to it? I didn't found
> any so far.  I know that's a real hack but at least that way I could
> have my files synchronized without too much effort until the bug is
> fixed.
> Another question I have is: can I install version 3.1.3 of
> nextcloud-client in the current environment (without switching back to
> some old commit)? When I try to do so, I get
>> guix install: error: nextcloud-client: package not found for version 3.1.3
> because version 3.1.3 was replaced by 3.2.0.
> Cheers (and a happy new year!)
> Alex

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