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Re: Web development on Guix: nodejs, npm and all that

From: t
Subject: Re: Web development on Guix: nodejs, npm and all that
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2022 15:16:58 +0000
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> I haven't encountered any npm package which doesn't work when not
> installed globally yet and it seems to me that would be a bug in said
> package.

this is certainly great to hear! Thank you

I've been trying to do all setup via `guix shell --container`. Is there an easy 
(obvious) way to extend environment inside the container? I can --preserve etc, 
but doesn't look like I can easily change e.g. PATH to ensure it includes local 
node_modules/bin. Maybe the better way would be to have the ability to set 
GUIX_ENVIRONMENT to a profile that you tweak which sets env vars apprpiately. I 
feel like maybe I'm already asking too much of the guix shell CLI front end and 
maybe I'm better of reversing what relevant .scm script does setting up 
container's environment and just drop my modified .scm script to a project dir. 
I hate mucking with BASH and such - never ends well and never goes smoothly.

Anyone has suggestions? Basically at this point we are trying to go slightly 
above what `guix shell --container` or even `guix shell` can do. Something that 
I feel amounts to (in non-guix world) to running a sort of .loginrc script when 
you enter the environment or container.

Should I just hack some .scm at this point?

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