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Re: How to reliably update Guix

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: How to reliably update Guix
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2022 15:48:43 -0500
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Hi Youni,

Youni Git <> writes:

> Hello, Guix Help!
> Much time long I run 'guix pull' and 'guix package -u' and get errors due to 
> bad connection or so.
> Usual user gets TLS error, root user gets repeating 0% of downloading.
> Could you please, advise what to type to my config for get pull and upgrade 
> work better?
> Here it is my config:
> $ guix pull
> Computing Guix derivation for 'x86_64-linux'... \
> substitute: updating substitutes from ''...   0.0%
> substitute: updating substitutes from
> ''...   0.0%guix substitute: error: TLS
> error in procedure 'read_from_session_record_port': Error in the pull
> function.
> guix pull: error:
> `/gnu/store/x67pnr0phafsbmd09vj6iybh4yls28rm-guix-1.3.0-5.6243ad3/bin/guix
> substitute' died unexpectedly

There were network issues at the data center where the build farm is
hosted; I understand they have since been resolved.

Do you still experience problems?



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