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Re: Jitsi Meet Screen Sharing with Ungoogled-Chromium

From: Jacob Hrbek
Subject: Re: Jitsi Meet Screen Sharing with Ungoogled-Chromium
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2022 10:24:31 +0000

> Third party not a guix package

Those are not supported by GNU Guix and will be met with hostility,
because how dare you unfree scum!


Good thing that i ain't a bad person.. not part of GNU Guix to help! :p

Last time i tried it it worked out-of-the-box for me, i tested it now
again and also works without problem

GNU Guix (374fea0f3bc8035f626cb29e6045130df9ffdaf8) with

Which was tested on the instance.. Provide a
javascript console log which should have an explanation for this
failure.. My current hypothesis is that your chromium doesn't provide a
sufficient/sane TURN server and so jitsi crashes.

on how to change the turn server.

..and to comply with GNU FSDG i have to tell you that using
non-ungoogled chromium and 3rd party repos is unethical as it most
contains nonfree blobs which limit user freedom and contain
malware as such i am providing content of ~/.config/chromium in
attachment which should make your chromium more libre and i am also
encouraging you to use ungoogled-chromium.

EDIT: I missed the part with screensharing x.x .. on mentioned chromium
it starts printing:

[18990:23:0116/] Absent
receive stream; ignoring clearing encoded frame sink for ssrc 0
[18990:12:0116/] Failed
to encode frame. Error code: -7
[18990:12:0116/] Failed
to initialize the encoder associated with codec type: VP8 (1)

in the console when i have screenshare and when someone joins and the
screen share changes to a black screen so i believe that this is a bug
due to the lack of sufficient VP8 codec.

On 1/16/22 10:46, Yasuaki Kudo wrote:
Is there anyone here who uses Jitsi Meet t
o share screens from Guix?  Let me know!

At least in version 90 of chromium (third party, not a guix package), it used 
to work.

With the current ungoogled-chromium on Guix, the moment someone else connects 
to the Jitsi session, ungooogled-chromium dies with an 'aw, snap' message.


Jacob Hrbek

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