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trash-cli commands fail after upgrade to

From: Jacob MacDonald
Subject: trash-cli commands fail after upgrade to
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2022 22:39:44 -0600

I use Guix on top of a Pop!_OS install. Guix's version of trash-cli
recently updated, and the command stopped working for me. Python can't
find the 'trashcli' module unless I install python-wrapper beside it.
python-wrapper does not seem to be a propagated input of trash-cli.
I'm not sure what the expected behavior around system/Guix Python and
python-wrapper is. Is it normal to need to install Python in my
profile to launch packages written in the language? hg is the only
other script in ~/.guix-profile/bin with a Python shebang, but it's
straight to Guix's Python. The previous version of trash-cli also
didn't behave like this.

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