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Re: mailing list and Evolution /Email client and: Guix compared with Tri

From: David Lecompte
Subject: Re: mailing list and Evolution /Email client and: Guix compared with Trisquel/Guix
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 11:46:42 +0000

Le dimanche 13 février 2022 à 08:43 +0000, Gottfried a écrit :
> So at the moment I don´t need "Evolution". Icedove works fine
> at the moment.

I chose Evolution because it uses the GPG keys maintained by generic
tools, while Icedove ignores them. However, Icedove is also a good
choice and I may try it again.

> What`s the difference to install GNU Guix as a system or install
> Trisquel and Guix on top of it?

Trisquel is rather user-friendly, especially for users not at ease with
computers or with GNU/Linux. So I can recommend it to those users so
that more people use entirely free software.

Trisquel uses stable releases, so any software update will not break
anything and maintenance work for the user is exactly zero. This is
also very nice for running servers.

On the web, there are lots of solutions for Ubuntu, most of which work
with Trisquel unchanged, or with almost no change.

With Guix, you can have newer versions and roll back, and a lot of
other great things that Ricardo and others can explain. I am trying to
learn and I thank them for that. However, this is clearly more work
than Trisquel, probably over what many computer users want.

> I installed Guix as my System because if I had installed Trisquel I
> would have older software.

Older software is usually more stable and ok for most users.

Nevertheless, Trisquel provides updates for newer version of the web
browser (abrowser, based on Firefox) and of Libreoffice. For them,
Trisquel's versions are actually newer than Guix.

I use Guix on Trisquel mostly for Gajim. I also use Ungoogled Chromium
for one hardly avoidable website (health care) that does not work with
Abrowser/Firefox. I also use darktable from Guix, but perhaps the
version from Trisquel would be fine too.

I want to thank Guix for its option to run on other distros, it is much
better than Flatpak, Appimage or whatever else. I want to try making
that even easier, so people running Trisquel can use it more easily.

>  And to add Guix on top of Trisquel seemed to me not so beneficiary
> and may be leading to inconsistency. To be on the save side I
> installed Guix as my System in order to run smoothly.

The risk of inconsistencies exists. I only had one and someone gave me
a solution on this list (add a line to my .profile). No other issue so

I may try Guix system at some point, but for now, I am focusing on
helping Trisquel users, including for them to use Guix on Trisquel.


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