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Re: mailing list and Evolution / Email client and: Guix, compared with T

From: Zelphir Kaltstahl
Subject: Re: mailing list and Evolution / Email client and: Guix, compared with Trisquel/Guix
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 16:40:47 +0000

On 2/13/22 14:23, wrote:
Gottfried<>  writes:

What`s the difference to install GNU Guix as a system or install
Trisquel and Guix on top of it? What is the advantage of both
With Guix System you get all the services from Guix System.

You can boot older generations of your system, and there is no “state”
shared between generations of your system.  Any time you upgrade your
system (with “guix system reconfigure /path/to/my/config.scm”) Guix
builds a new, independent system.  Any time you boot you can select the
latest or a previous generation of your system, and when booting the
selected system is initialized from scratch (it copies files from
/gnu/store to /etc, creates user accounts, etc).

What’s great about this Guix System approach in my opinion:

- you have a safety net and can recover from bad upgrades
- changes to the system are not permanent unless you make them so
- changes to one system generation don’t affect older system generations

There is still a potential for complication when changing hardware
(e.g. an old generation expecting a certain disk to appear, but you no
longer have a disk with that label, so you can’t boot that old
generation without hassle), but overall it takes the fear out of

I installed Guix as my System because if I had installed Trisquel I
would have older software. And to add Guix on top of Trisquel seemed
to me not so beneficiary and may be leading to inconsistency. To be on
the save side I installed Guix as my System in order to run smoothly.
Good choice!  When you use Guix on top of Trisquel you’re still using a
lot of software from Trisquel, which has the potential of conflicting
with your software from Guix — especially with search paths and
environment variables that invariably end up causing Trisquel to load
incompatible stuff from Guix or vice versa.

I would say though, that using Guix package manager on foreign distro (like Trisquel) is still very helpful. For one you can use guix time machine and guix environments to have reproducible environments for your software development projects. The other huge benefit I see is access to mostly up-to-date free software package, which might be missing in your foreign distro's repositories and the ability to install them and remove them cleanly.

I don't see how Trisquel would invariably load incompatible stuff. All you do is put the guix profile on the path and from the guix profile there are symlinks to the gnu store. Whatever you install in the guix profile will then be on the path, but that is just normal, I guess. I don't see any issue that I would not have with a different tool installing software. I also haven't seen incompatible stuff yet. Might be just me installing usually well known software, that has been tested more thoroughly and not having run into the edge cases yet.

Personally I use guix on foreign distro every day and I am glad to have it and not having to do the full jump to guix distro. Surely that would be interesting, but job requirements make that difficult and I cannot spend time on debugging my system on the job. Maybe guix distro is easier to handle than I think. One day I will probably try it out : )



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