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Re: trash-cli commands fail after upgrade to

From: Jacob MacDonald
Subject: Re: trash-cli commands fail after upgrade to
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2022 19:42:28 -0600

On Sun, Feb 13, 2022 at 8:00 AM Daniel Meißner
<> wrote:
> after setting GUIX_PYTHONPATH I was able to get the cli working

Thanks for investigating. I had missed that environment variable, and
it looks like python-wrapper adds it to Guix's .profile. With the
proper environment variable and no python-wrapper, the program works

> This means the package needs a fix.  We could either patch the scripts
> ...
> or maybe we could use the wrap-program procedure to wrap it with 
> GUIX_PYTHONPATH set correctly.

I took a look at the changes in
39510d5a5e4e0e38cd3d3bc944d5bf6d96242493, wrap-python3 in (gnu
packages python.scm), and the Python build system. There may be other
source code which answers my question, but: Did that version-bumping
commit break trash-cli with the version upgrade or with the new phase?
Does wrap-python3 write environment variables to my Guix profile
somehow, or does it just update what the wrapped package outputs?

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