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Android Device Mounting Detection with GVFS Help

From: Jaft
Subject: Android Device Mounting Detection with GVFS Help
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2022 11:19:29 +0000 (UTC)

I dunno if anyone might have any suggestions but I've been trying to get my 
Android phone get detected.
I'm using GVFS and Thunar; full details of what I originally tried are at 
but the short of it is that I noticed that the 69-libmtp.rules file that Guix 
installs differed from my Debian machine so I added a udev-rules-service that 
added all the devices that were in the Debian file and found the device was 
recognized, now, but trying to click on it or mount it still resulted in the 
error "No mtp devices found."

Someone on the IRC channel recommended trying android-udev-rules so I did; this 
resulted in the phone not getting recognized, when plugged in, by Thunar, again 
– but it was able to be recognized as a connected device by adb.
I've attached my system config. file, so it's clear to see what the setup I've 
tried is; I have no idea what else to try (if there's anything else even to 
try) but thanks for any help!

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