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Re: text editor

From: Jay Sulzberger
Subject: Re: text editor
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2022 19:33:22 +0000 ()

On Tue, 22 Feb 2022, Gottfried <> wrote:

Hi, thanks for Your email.

De nada and you are very welcome!

I am not sitting the whole day in front of a computer, I am working in a technical job to help people.

So I didn??t have time to learn any computer language, emacs etc. because I didn??t need it for my life yet.

Which editor You would propose , I should use, to show which brackets belong to each other, as you described in your email?

These days, well for some decades, I use Emacs.  I think Emacs can be
learned bit by bit.  Usually I run Emacs in an X "terminal emulator".
(Today at home, konsole is the X terminal emulator I use.)  So usually I
have the terminal with the bash shell running in it.  The below command

  guacamole:~$ mkdir EXAMPLES
  guacamole:~$ cd EXAMPLES
  guacamole:~/EXAMPLES$ echo "abc ABC (* 6 7)" >> example
  guacamole:~/EXAMPLES$ ls -l
  total 4
  -rw-r--r-- 1 guaca guaca 16 Feb 22 13:43 example
  guacamole:~/EXAMPLES$ cat example
  abc ABC (* 6 7)

So you are now in the directory


If you now issue the command

  emacs -nw example

Emacs starts up and you are thrown into Emacs.  Your screen looks
something like this (actually no spaces on the left):

  File Edit Options Buffers Tools Help
  abc ABC (* 6 7)

  -UU-:----F1  example        All L2     (Fundamental)

Now, hold down the "Cntrl" key and hit, still holding down the "Cntrl" key, hit the "e' key. You should now have the cursor at the end of the line

  abc ABC (* 6 7)

Now just start typing.  Say you type

  Oi, I am in Emacs!  The Elisp has me!

Now the top line should read

  abc ABC (* 6 7)Oi, I am in Emacs!  The Elisp has me!

Here is the most second most important command of Emacs:
Hold down the "Cntrl" let, and still holding down the "Cntrl" key,
hit the "x" key, then, again, hold down the "Cntrl" let, and still
holding down the "Cntrl" key, hit the "c" key.  Emacs will now say to
you something like:

  Save file /gibber/EXAMPLES/example? (y, n, !, ., q, C-r, C-f, d or C-h)

Hit the "y" key and Emacs will, gently and courteously, let you go.

If you now do

  cat example

you should see the contents of the file example.  Let me check on my machine:

  guacamole:~/EXAMPLES$ cat example
  abc ABC (* 6 7)Oi, I am in Emacs!  The Elisp has me!

So by direct demonstration, we know that Emacs has an avatar, the
avatar "just a text editor".

I now reveal a Great Secret of Emacs:

  Invite a friend who knows Emacs to sit with you, and with Emacs, and
  together learn of the Mysteries.

A small secret of Emacs:

  If you start Emacs like so

  emacs -nw

usually you will be thrown into Emacs and shown a tutorial, which, on
the screen, starts like so:

  File Edit Options Buffers Tools Help
  Warning Warning!!!  Pure space overflow    !!!Warning Warning
  (See the node Pure Storage in the Lisp manual for details.)
  Welcome to GNU Emacs, one component of the GNU/Linux operating system.

  Get help           C-h  (Hold down CTRL and press h)
  Emacs manual       C-h r        Browse manuals     C-h i
  Emacs tutorial     C-h t        Undo changes       C-x u
  Buy manuals        C-h RET      Exit Emacs         C-x C-c
  Activate menubar   M-`
  (???C-??? means use the CTRL key.  ???M-??? means use the Meta (or Alt) key.
  If you have no Meta key, you may instead type ESC followed by the character.)
  Useful tasks:
  Visit New File                  Open Home Directory
  Customize Startup               Open *scratch* buffer

  GNU Emacs 27.1 (build 1, i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.24.30, cairo 
version 1.16.0)
   of 2021-11-27, modified by Debian
  Copyright (C) 2020 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

  GNU Emacs comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; type C-h C-w for full details.
  Emacs is Free Software--Free as in Freedom--so you can redistribute copies
  of Emacs and modify it; type C-h C-c to see the conditions.
  Type C-h C-o for information on getting the latest version.

  If an Emacs session crashed recently, type M-x recover-session RET
  to recover the files you were editing.

  -UUU:%%--F1  *GNU Emacs*    All L1     (Fundamental) 
  Package cl is deprecated

The tutorial sometimes helps.

Of some importance:

  Pay no attention to any statement by Emacs about
  1. pure space
  2. cl

Gottfried, Heaven forwarding, I will rant^Wexplain more in a bit.



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