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help with network configuration

From: Cássio Tavares
Subject: help with network configuration
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2022 21:47:59 +0000

Hello there!

I'm having trouble setting up `connman`. This is my services declaration:

          (service wpa-supplicant-service-type)
         (service connman-service-type
             (disable-vpn? #t)))
          (service openssh-service-type
              (port-number 2112)
             (permit-root-login 'prohibit-password)
              (password-authentication? #f)
             (x11-forwarding? #t)
              (accepted-environment '("COLORTERM"))))
          (service ntp-service-type)
         (service gpm-service-type)
          (service cups-service-type)
         (service elogind-service-type)
          (service sddm-service-type
              (display-server "wayland")
             (numlock "on")
              (theme "guix-simplyblack-sddm-theme")
                 (keyboard-layout %this-keyboard))))))

This returns no error on `guix system reconfigure`. But when I try to run
`connmanctl state` (or any other `connmanctl` command) I get this error:

Error: the name net.connman is not provided by any .service files

So, what is going on, and how to fix it?


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