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Re: Declare swap partition in config

From: Antwane Mason
Subject: Re: Declare swap partition in config
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2022 18:38:19 -0500

For some reason, my guix system is not detecting my swap partition despite
it being configured in my config. However, performing swapon directly does
activity the partition. Is there an issue in my configuration? I am using
the newer "swap-space" data structure for swap due to generating it from
the installer a week ago.

Here is my swap device name and uuid from blkid:

/dev/nvme0n1p4: UUID="b7c057f7-c090-4a09-a94b-f92e66bdaebc"
TYPE="swsuspend" PARTUUID="65db7a7a-62bf-42de-b1c4-094e9fac6090"

Here is my swap-devices value for my config:

    (list (swap-space
              (uuid "b7c057f7-c090-4a09-a94b-f92e66bdaebc")))))


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