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Re: CJK font issues on GDM screen

From: Feng Shu
Subject: Re: CJK font issues on GDM screen
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2022 15:35:41 +0800
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Taiju HIGASHI <> writes:

> I knew it.
> I know there are not many Guix users in Japan, but I was wondering how other 
> languages users are solving this problem.
> Is this problem that does not occur with SLiM?

I do not know, slim just show English, do not use CJK.

> On April 14, 2022 9:23:11 AM GMT+09:00, Feng Shu <> wrote:
>>Taiju HIGASHI <> writes:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am not currently having trouble, but I do have one question.
>>> I have had trouble displaying CJK fonts on the GDM screen.
>>> I have followed the steps below to install Guix initially, which
>>> allows me to temporarily display CJK fonts on the GDM screen.
>>> 1. Specify `ja_JP.utf8` as locale on the graphical installation screen.
>>> 2. Set CJK fonts to be installed globally.
>>> 3. Execute the installation.
>>> However, if I run `guix system reconfigure` after this, I cannot see
>>> the CJK fonts on the GDM screen. (The letters will be tofu.)
>>I have faced the same problem, so I have switched to use slim, which 
>>*only* show English, so have no this problem :-\
>>> I asked on #guix on IRC and was given a solution, so I am not
>>> troubled, but the following questions remain.
>>>   1. Why do I see CJK fonts on the GDM screen after setting the locale
>>>      and installing CJK fonts during the initial installation?
>>>   2. Why can't I see CJK fonts on the GDM screen after running `guix
>>>      system reconfigure`?
>>> Is there a special process to generate a font cache during initial
>>> installation?
>>> Also, is that process absent when the system is reconfigured?
>>> I feel that it would be desirable for the system to behave the same
>>> when reconfigured as when initially installed.
>>> Thank you.


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