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Re: Cups Web Interface is Disabled

From: Gary Johnson
Subject: Re: Cups Web Interface is Disabled
Date: Wed, 04 May 2022 09:28:20 -0400

Les <> writes:

> Gary, added the following:
> ```
> (service cups-service-type
>          (cups-configuration
>           (web-interface? #t)))
> ```
> This did not change the access to cups. The Web Interface still
> remains Disabled.

1. Make sure to import `cups-service-type` and `cups-configuration` in your 
`use-modules` declaration at the top of the file.

2. Make sure that your `operating-system` declaration compiles without errors.

3. Remember to run `sudo guix system reconfigure /path/to/your/config.scm` to 
add this service.

4. Make sure the CUPS service is running with `sudo herd status cups`.
   If not, you may need to start it manually or simply reboot your
   computer to bring it up automatically at init time.

Good luck!

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