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Help installing on Cubox-i/Arm Boards

From: ryan
Subject: Help installing on Cubox-i/Arm Boards
Date: Wed, 04 May 2022 04:56:26 +0000

Hi all

First of all I am completely new to quix (I use parabola Gnu/linux-
libre), so my apologies if I ask some questions that might seem very

I would like to build a disk image for a Cubox-i variant that I have,
it currently has nothing on it. If setup guix on my x86_64
device/laptop using the guided installer, can I build it from there
easily using the instructions here?:
I also see there is a binary tarball, but not sure what to do with it?

or am I jumping ahead? I see that uboot in guix is available for the
cubox-i, but I am not sure where I need to start?

Any help with getting guix setup on the armvh device would be most
useful and appreciated.

Many Thanks

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