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Re: How can I install gnu guix to a usb flashdrive to run as a live syst

From: Tobias Geerinckx-Rice
Subject: Re: How can I install gnu guix to a usb flashdrive to run as a live system?
Date: Wed, 11 May 2022 11:04:41 +0000

Hi Greg,

I've seen different definitions of 'live system', so:

How does the system you want differ from a regular

  # guix system init system.scm /my/usb/drive


One clear way is that AFAIR there's no documented way (yet) to pass 
'--removable' to grub-install, so you'll have to manually rename  the grub.efi 
to bootx64.efi.  Annoying but doable.

By 'older and newer laptops', do you mean that you expect Guix to install and 
maintain both a UEFI and a BIOS GRUB at once?  I don't think multiple 
bootloaders are easy to configure (yet) in Guix, but this too should be 
possible to support.

There's also the 'read-only OS image' definition of live system, as created by

  # guix system image -t iso9660 system.scm

used to create the Guix System installer.  Unless you declare, e.g., a writable 
/home partition, all changes will be lost on reboot.

My guess is that's not what you want and it's not 'self-contained' in that it 
can't update itself.

Kind regards,


Sent on the go.  Excuse or enjoy my brevity.

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