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Re: Installation: Load non-free wifi firmware (iwlwifi)

From: yasu
Subject: Re: Installation: Load non-free wifi firmware (iwlwifi)
Date: Wed, 11 May 2022 21:31:24 +0900
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This is also an old topic, but we need lesser-help-guix@... 
The help-guix@... seems so much against even discussion of such

So for now (and let me stress, I do not like this situation of self-
imposed-gagging and would like to help create alternative communication
forums), let me send you something personally!


On Wed, 2022-05-11 at 12:19 +0000, 白い熊 wrote:
> Clément Lassieur <address@hidden> writes:
> > Guix allows one to customize their packages through inheritance. 
> > You
> > could create a custom linux package that inherits Guix's linux-
> > libre,
> > with, say a differente source.  When linux-libre is updated, my-
> > linux
> > would be updated as well, since it inherits linux-libre.  Thus, you
> > would have no maintainance to do.
> > 
> > (define-public my-linux
> >   (package
> >      (inherit linux-libre)
> >      (name "my-linux")
> >      (source ...)))
> Sorry to revive an extra-old topic, however my problem now is exactly
> this – I've purchased the GPD Pocket 3 which is a very nice little 
> machine, powerful, and have to use it without a USB dongle. It uses
> Intel 
> AX210 802.11ax (2.4/5/6Ghz), BT 5.2, so needs iwlwifi modules.
> I'm running Ubuntu Mate on it in parallel – without any issues.
> Now, I've set up Guix System on it without problems.
> However am not fluent enough to utilize the above solution to define
> an 
> inheritance for the current Linux kernel from git and put it in 
> system.scm to reconfigure the system with it.
> Could someone share with me the system.cfg snippet that would enable
> me 
> to load the non-free firmware?
> Many thanks.

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