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Re: Installation: Load non-free wifi firmware (iwlwifi)

From: Maxim Cournoyer
Subject: Re: Installation: Load non-free wifi firmware (iwlwifi)
Date: Thu, 12 May 2022 21:33:00 -0400
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白い熊@相撲道 <> writes:

> On 2022-05-11 14:31, yasu wrote:
>> This is also an old topic, but we need lesser-help-guix@...
>> The help-guix@... seems so much against even discussion of such
>> things...
>> So for now (and let me stress, I do not like this situation of self-
>> imposed-gagging and would like to help create alternative communication
>> forums), let me send you something personally!
> Many thanks, Yasu.
> I was able to get it working according to the instructions sent
> privately, including adding a channel for the kernel source etc.
> Seeing as how there might have been criticism in the past here on the
> list in discussing topics, which some think are inconducive to promote
> software freedom - I don't wish to damage the culture here and fully
> describe the solution, if it is indeed frowned upon here.
> On the other hand, I feel the same way as Yasu describes above - for
> instance for me I think seeing the solution, which I could not have
> figured out myself is actually conducive towards learning more guix
> and scheme and perhaps developing some snippets in the future that
> could help someone else.
> For this reason I'd think it'd be beneficial to fully discuss the Guix
> solution here. Moderators - can you give guidance on this?

Nothing has changed regarding the GNU Guix policy regarding free
software, which stems from the requirements of a GNU FSDG distribution
[0]; it is about including only free software in the distribution and
providing support only for free software.  This means this is not the
right place to discuss how to install/configure nonfree software which
is not part of GNU Guix.

Yasu, you've been sharing your opinion about this many times here;
enough times that it's starting to be mildly annoying, to me at least
:-).  GNU Guix is not and won't be a place to discuss nonfree software;
I'd appreciate if you could stop advertising your idea to create some
parallel, nonfree community on Guix channels.  You are free to do so if
you like, but don't please don't advertise it on the Guix project
communication channels.

I personally think this policy is a plus that makes the project stand
out; GNU FSDG distributions are rarer than non-FSDG ones, after all, and
free software as at the heart of GNU and GNU Guix.  We should be
thankful for it :-).

Thank you for your understanding,



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