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From: Gottfried
Subject: /gnu/store
Date: Wed, 25 May 2022 20:13:09 +0000

Hi Guixers,
After guix pull und guix update I have a new Emacs Version, Emacs 28

1. My earlier created icon for emacs, in Mate Desktop, opens the older Version Emacs 27.2
How to fix it?

2. Opening /gnu/store/ in Mate Caja (File Manager) takes ages.
To look for a the Emacs 28.1 file takes also ages.
Is there a quicker way to search for some directories in /gun/store?
May be in the terminal emulator? With which commands?

I want to change the command for opening emacs in the starter,now version 27.2 change into emacs 28. So that the emacs icon in the toolbar opens Emacs 28. Or is the simplest way deleting the icon and after every new emacs version creating a new icon? If I do a "emacs -ProfileManager" it opens the emacs 28, but does not give me a possibility to set a new Profile.

3. Can somebody explain to me the structure of /gnu/store?
How is it structured? It seems to me there are several directories for the same package. Is there a structure at all? I would like to understand how it works und according to which principle it is created? Some files start with the number 0, others with 1, others with 2, others with numbers.
Can I see according to the name which are older, which are newer?
Is the long name randomly created and so long because there are so many directories and files?

Can I sort them according to packages e.g?
The date is allways the same, so there is no possibility according to the date to sort them.

thanks in advance
I am "hacking" at the basics

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