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Re: wifi - store credentials

From: raingloom
Subject: Re: wifi - store credentials
Date: Fri, 3 Jun 2022 14:52:01 +0200

On Fri, 3 Jun 2022 00:56:45 +0200
Andreas Bauer <> wrote:

> I am using sway/wayland as my windowmanager and have managed to get
> my usb wifi card
> to work on guix with  rtl8812au-aircrack-ng-linux-module.
> When I reboot my machine I now need to do the following steps to
> connect to the wifi:
> 1. disconnect the usb cable of the wifi-card. reconnect the usb cable
> of the wifi-card
> 2. run: sudo nmcli device wifi connect "my-wifi-name" password
> my-wifi-password
> I am very happy that I was able to get so far already (and it was not
> easy). But now I would like to have a better way to auto-connect to
> wifis and store the credentials.
> Can someone explain me how this works? I am not really sure how
> network-manager and wpa-supplicant work together,
> and if saving of passwords is something that guix supports, or if I
> have to add all the passworts to a wpa-supplicant config
> into the guix config.
> The second thing that I dont get is that when I have setup the wifi
> card for the first time, it would not route the traffic throught it,
> until I have executed this commands:
> iw wlp0s20f0u4 link
> ip link show wlp0s20f0u4
> ip link set wlp0s20f0u4 up
> sudo dhclient wlp0s20f0u4
> ip addr show wlp0s20f0u4
> ifconfig wlp0s20f0u4
> ip route show
> sudo ip route add default via dev wlp0s20f0u4
> I had to do this only once. Now it seems to be saved somewhere.
> Thanks!!!

Not sure what services you configured, I'm also using Sway and i3 on my
Guix machines and the network-manager service just takes care of
everything. Use nm-applet and nm-connection-editor for connecting,
nmcli is for automation, not user-friendly connection setup.
If for some reason you are stuck on a tty (which you aren't, because
you use Sway) then you can use nmtui to connect to most networks,
with the major exception of enterprise WPA2.

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