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Re: Guix home, guix system, channels, some noob questions

From: Dominic Martinez
Subject: Re: Guix home, guix system, channels, some noob questions
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2022 15:31:47 -0400
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sebastien rey-coyrehourcq <> writes:


I jump into guile world by learning and copy/pasting Dominic Martinez config :)

Nice to know my config helped someone! Sorry it's a bit of a mess, I didn't really document anything.

Everything going pretty well but now i'm blocked with yubikey configuration.

And without yubikey that contain your only private key to sign/decrypt everything, that's a
little complicated ...

Running "gpg --card-status" my yubikey is correclty detected. That a good news ... BUT
that's all,
other command don't work, for example both :

gpg --list-secret-keys
gpg --list-keys

When you say it doesn't work, do you mean it doesn't list any keys? If you have keys on your Yubikey that you used with GPG on a different system, you'll have to re-export the key stubs for GPG to use the Yubikey for authentication (see

If you're getting other errors, you might need to enable some system services. For instance, you need the pcscd service (, and also the udev rules appropriate for your Yubikey model ( The below snippet should get all Yubikey functionality working:

#+begin_src scheme
(service pcscd-service-type)
(udev-rules-service 'yubikey-rules
                      ;; All keys
"ACTION!=\"add|change\", GOTO=\"u2f_end\"\n"
                      ;; Yubikey
                      "KERNEL==\"hidraw*\", "
                      "SUBSYSTEM==\"hidraw\", "
                      "ATTRS{idVendor}==\"1050\", "
"ATTRS{idProduct}==\"0113|0114|0115|0116|0120|0121|0200|0402|0403|0406|0407|0410\", "
                      "TAG+=\"uaccess\", MODE=\"0660\"\n"
                      ;; End all keys

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