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Guix home package confusion

From: Tangonov
Subject: Guix home package confusion
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2022 08:05:45 -0700
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I am trying out guix for the first time and feel like I may have jumped in head-first into the shallow end of the pool.

I had started out with using guix package for my packages and updated my env for around 30 generations. Then I discovered guix home and thought "hey, that may be better".

I set up guix home following the documentation and it created my first home generation and completely re-installed my packages.

However, after subsequent changes to my home config, a guix home reconfigure is now attempting to re-install (and build) my packages all over again, despite never having run a guix pull.

I tried to "undo" the initialization of guix home as I feel like I maybe should stick to the "older way" for a while longer while I get the hang of Guile Scheme and try not to change too much at once. I have been unable to revert my initial revision, or find a clear path back without doing something dramatic.

With all of my history in mind, I have 3 questions:

1. Is there a supported way to apply incremental changes in guix home, without re-doing (and re-compiling) all of my software? 2. Is there a supported way to revert back to just using GNU Stow and guix package? 3. If I can be happy with guix home, is there any supported way to remove potential bloat from having run guix package for 30 generations?

Thanks for the incredible software and help, if you're able.


- Tangonov

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