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Re: Guix home mcron help

From: Trev
Subject: Re: Guix home mcron help
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2022 17:57:25 -0700

Quick update:

I was able to get my mcron working in a way that seems to be the proper
"guix home" way. It just took a lot of re-reading, trial & error.

The downside to my solution is that I had to wrap my entire mailsync
module in a #~(job #$(program-file)) gexp.

Here's an example of my solution:

I hate to admit that I struggled a lot with the documentation for what a
gexp is, how they're meant to be implemented, and what a (job) procedure
will allow given the context of a guix home service.

For example, I couldn't figure out how to store my module & an image
file in the guix store so that I could thereafter load and run the file
with a command such as `guile -s` as the cron job. Or better yet, load the 
module with
`use-modules` from the "program-file" and run the exported functions.

Anyway, I am open to feedback/suggestions. Thanks for reading this :)

Trev <> writes:

> Hey guys, 
> I am trying to appreciate how to set up a guix home mcron using a separate 
> module that I wrote that exports the job. 
> My config lives in ~/.config/guix/home/config.scm 
> My cron module lives in ~/.config/guix/home/cron/mailsync.scm 
> The mailsync module export this: 
> (define-public %mailsync-job
>   #~(job '(next-minute-from
>            (next-minute) (range 0 60 15))
>          (lambda ()
>            (mailsync-update %mailsync-default-terms)
>            (mailsync-notify
>             (mailsync-count-new-messages)))
>          "mbsync-nm-job"))
> In my home config I am using it like this: 
> (home-environment
>  (packages
>   (specifications->packages
>    (append %base-packages
>            %emacs
>            %multimedia
>            %browsers
>            %chat-clients
>            %devel)))
>  (services
>   (list (service home-mcron-service-type
>                  (home-mcron-configuration
>                   (jobs (list %mailsync-job)))))))
> The command guix home reconfigure ~/.config/guix/home/config.scm passes 
> without errors but the resulting cron is unhappy when it runs
> because it has lost scope of the module it came from and can't find 
> mailsync-update (or any other definitions from within said module). 
> I have attempted to implement with-imported-modules from within the module 
> and from within my home configuration and am not having much
> success. 
> Can I get a push? 
> Here's a link to the config and module in full: 
> -- 
> Trev : 0FB7 D06B 4A2A F07E AD5B  1169 183B 6306 8AA1 D206


Trev : 0FB7 D06B 4A2A F07E AD5B  1169 183B 6306 8AA1 D206

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