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Re: Trying to replicate guix packages list on another machine

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: Trying to replicate guix packages list on another machine
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 17:39:42 +0200


On Mon, 27 Jun 2022 at 16:51, Emmanuel Medernach 
<> wrote:

> Thanks, here is the resulting manifest:
> (specifications->manifest
>    (list "gsl"
>          "pcre"
>          "icu4c"
>          "zlib"
>          "cmake"
>          "make"
>          "gcc-toolchain@4.9"
>          "glibc"))
> [Machine B]$ guix time-machine -C ~/.config/guix/channels.scm -- package 
> -m manifest.scm -p profile-A

Here you are installing in the profile ’profile-A’…

> [Machine B]$ guix package --list-installed  | sort | awk '//{ print $1 
> "@" $2; }'

…and here, you are listing the packages in the default profile
~/.guix-profile.  Instead you should run,

    machine-B$ guix package -p profile-A -I

Last, as Julien pointed out, it might be possible that on ’Machine-A’
the packages are from various states.  You can give a look at:

    machine-A$ guix package --list-generations

and so, it is possible that the packages you installed do not match the
current state of Guix.  For instance, you could compare:

    machine-A$ guix package --export-channels
    machine-A$ guix pull -f channels

Well, if you did:

    guix pull
    guix install gsl
    guix pull
    guix install pcre
    guix pull
    guix zlib

the profile is not composed by only one state therefore it cannot be
replicated.  Only a rough approximation can be made.

Or if you did:

   guix install gsl pcre icu4c etc.
   guix pull

then “guix describe” does not provide the Guix state of the installed


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