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Re: Guix home packages and garbage collection

From: Trev
Subject: Re: Guix home packages and garbage collection
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2022 15:44:26 -0700
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On second (or third...maybe fourth?) thought I have re-read the documentation 
for guix gc and it does state:

> Running guix gc with no arguments will collect
> as much garbage as it can, but that is often
> inconvenient: you may find yourself having to
> rebuild or re-download software that is “dead”
> from the GC viewpoint but that is necessary to
> build other pieces of software—e.g., the
> compiler tool chain.

This pulls me back into wondering if I am just misusing guix gc. This behavior 
would feel less problematic if I accepted that I should either gc far less 
frequently or use something like gnu stow for environment/config instead.

On June 27, 2022 11:11:01 a.m. PDT, Trev <> wrote:
>"(" <> writes:
>> I don't experience this issue personally, and I use `guix home` for all
>> my packages. Very strange.
>>     -- (
>Thanks for helping confirm that I may have some sort of problem here. At
>the risk of admitting that I depend on non-gnu stuff in order to make my
>machine work, here's how I am set up. If I have made some sort of
>blunder, I would love to know.
>Trev : 0FB7 D06B 4A2A F07E AD5B  1169 183B 6306 8AA1 D206

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