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Building linux and u-boot for aarch64

From: phodina
Subject: Building linux and u-boot for aarch64
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 11:20:20 +0000


I'm attempting to build the Linux kernel and u-boot for ARM64 target - eink 

Unfotutnately the patches are not yet in the upstream so I had to tweak little 
bit in the gnu/packages/linux.scm and gnu/bootloader/bootloaders.scm files.

However, the kernel won't still build. Any ideas on how to fix that?

This is my first porting new embedded board in Guix and it's iteresting to 
learn more of what's going under the lid.

FIY my interest in this to have some libre eink reader as well as notepad 
available on the market.

Kind regards,

Attachment: 0002-gnu-u-boot-Remove-input-labels.patch
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Attachment: 0003-gnu-Add-u-boot-pinenote.patch
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Attachment: 0006-gnu-Add-install-pinenote-rk3568-u-boot-and-u-boot-pi.patch
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Attachment: 0005-gnu-Add-u-boot-pinenote-rk3568.patch
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Attachment: 0007-gnu-Add-image-for-pinenote.patch
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Attachment: 0001-gnu-Add-linux-libre-arm64-pinenote.patch
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