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Re: emacs-guix and build-farm

From: zimoun
Subject: Re: emacs-guix and build-farm
Date: Fri, 08 Jul 2022 14:49:38 +0200


I do not daily use emacs-guix so I do not know.

On dim., 15 mai 2022 at 09:16, 白い熊 <> wrote:

> I was intrigued by the B keybinding in emacs-guix which when displaying 
> the list of all packages should enable you to see the list of all built 
> versions available via substitutes, if I understand it correctly. This 
> came to my ming after doing a guix pull then trying to install 
> libreoffice which started to build for ages due to unavailable built 
> substitute.

>From my understanding, it is hard to know beforehand.  You need to check
using “guix weather libreoffice”…

> However trying to display it in emacs-guix tells you:
> guix-assert-build-farm: This feature requires ‘build-farm’ package, 
> which is not installed
> The only package available though is emacs-build-farm which doesn't 
> solve this as Emacs still says build-farm not installed. How can I fix 
> this?

…and maybe emacs-guix is doing this under-the-hood which would be really
nice; other said, check the substitute avaibility using the data
provided by an equivalent of “guix weather” and if the substitute is
available, install it.

But it would be more complicated, because you would like to know if all
the dependencies you need are substituable; which is, AFAIK, not
straightforward to know beforehand.


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