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Re: How do I verify my hashes?

From: indieterminacy
Subject: Re: How do I verify my hashes?
Date: Sun, 10 Jul 2022 15:25:36 +0200

On 10-07-2022 04:12, jgart wrote:
Hi Guixers,

Today Bonface mentioned to me that I should be cloning my packages and
verifying the hashes with `git hash-object` or `git hash` iirc?

Bonface gives very cogent demonstrations of workflow, encourage him to do a screencast!

Do others do this when packaging?

My workflow currently is the lazy way:

1. I change the version in the package definition.

2. build the package

3. package blows up on stdout

4. I retrieve the hash and add it

5. profit!

But how can I trust that computed hash?


Im slowly moving up the value-chain with my usage of Emacs' Git porceline, Magit.

IMHO, the ultimate experience would be for everything operating from Magit's interface - for the beneficence of Guix.

Am I committing a newbie sin with the above workflow?

I know `guix refresh` exists but sometimes it is slowwww (e.g. outdated *.go)

I know `make go-clean` exists but sometimes it breaks things in my tree...

Should I stop worrying and just `git send-email --to="" -1`?

all best,


Jonathan McHugh

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