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Re: Guix logo re-use

From: Benson Muite
Subject: Re: Guix logo re-use
Date: Mon, 11 Jul 2022 09:27:07 +0300
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Hi Luis-Felipe,

Would like to use the Guix logo[0] modified to have a single color
without gradients to make an embroidered Polo-shirt[1]. Is this ok?

Of course :)

I don't know if you already adjusted the logo to your needs, but if you 
haven't, maybe check the SVG icon in I did that one thinking partly 
in embroidery but haven't actually tried it (don't know if the gaps are wide 
Had done an initial conversion. Attached are preview images, including one using the icon.

is under a CC-BY-4.0 license. What is appropriate attribution on an
embroidered polo shirt? For example is the Guix name enough, should
CC-BY-4.0 and/or LFL Acevedo/sirgazil be added?

You don't have to comply with the attribution requirement if you are printing 
the original logo or modified versions of it in your own clothes for personal 
use (you don't have to credit me nor indicate the changes you made to the logo 
anywhere in your clothes nor anywhere else).

If you plan to sell items with the original logo or modified versions of it, 
you must give attribution as indicated in
The shirt is for a free software enthusiast who is paying a fee. What is the procedure followed for the FSF store:
There is no GUIX swag yet. It may be nice to have more embroidered items - these can be made in Africa, possibly custom fitted.

Hope that helps,

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