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dwm desktop in guix system

From: Jakub Czajka
Subject: dwm desktop in guix system
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2022 20:43:49 +0200

I'm trying to add dwm-desktop-service to my guix system. I have two
- guix system for non-portable system configuration,
- guix home for portable system configuration (mainly text editor).
For example, I put networking service in guix system because if I were to
move my guix home configuration to another system, I assume that system
would already have networking (and DE, bluetooth, ntpd etc) configured.

As I said, I'm trying to set up dwm-desktop-service. I have the following
- repositories with custom dwm and dmenu,
- Xresources,
- xbindkeys,
- xinitrc which loads Xresources, xbindkeys and execs dwm.
These 3 files are present in my guix monorepo in my home directory. I would
like the dwm-desktop-service to
a) install dwm, dmenu and other necessary packages,
b) symlink Xresources, xbindkeys and xinitrc from the monorepo to their
respective places on the system (I'm thinking ~/.config/X11).
I've figured out a). However, I don't know how to configure b) because I
don't see a way for guix system to symlink files present in users directory
to another place in users directory. I guess I could do it with guix home
but that would impact its portability. Is there a way to achieve the setup
I described with guix system?

Kind regards,
Jakub Czajka

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