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X11 cursor size

From: alex
Subject: X11 cursor size
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2022 12:46:27 +0200
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Dear all,

I know this is basically not directly a guix question but somehow all
the hints I find in the internet don't seem to work on guix.

My problem is the following: I use guix with X11 and EXWM as (only)
window manager. I have a 13" laptop with 4k screen and therefore the
X11-pointer/cursor is so small, that most of the time I don't even see
it. All solutions to increase the cursor size without using gnome or
similar tools involve the installation of a scalable font and then
incresing the size of the cursor. However I don't manage to make this
work on guix.

Does anyone maybe have a working solution for this which they can share?

Cheers, Alex

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