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fixing sticky package

From: András Vöröskői
Subject: fixing sticky package
Date: Mon, 18 Jul 2022 09:51:34 +0200


I have done something like this:
1. I have zig@0.10 installed in my profile.
2. Started a guix shell -m guix.scm which has zig@0.9
3. Run zig version and it reported 0.10.0
4. guix remove zig@0.10
5. zig version still reports 0.10.0

At that point I have switched to panic mode, exited from everything, but
now when I run `guix package -I` it reports an only `zls` and `git-minimal`
installed, which is fine.
However when I run `which zig` it finds `zig` in /gnu/store.

If I try to `guix remove zig` it says zig is not found in profile.

How can I remove zig from my profile?


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