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Kernel module build error with system image cross-build

From: Frank Terbeck
Subject: Kernel module build error with system image cross-build
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2022 02:59:39 +0200
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Good day, good people!

I've  been playing  around with  building guix  images for  a beaglebone
black board that's been catching dust in  my flat. I've been giving it a
go with the template from guix's git repository, like this:

  guix system image --target=arm-linux-gnueabihf 

After a while, this breaks like this:

  building /gnu/store/nv461zd7rs6mhns9s3jx4v65ln3jsrv7-linux-modules.drv...
  builder for `/gnu/store/nv461zd7rs6mhns9s3jx4v65ln3jsrv7-linux-modules.drv' 
failed with exit code 1
  build of /gnu/store/nv461zd7rs6mhns9s3jx4v65ln3jsrv7-linux-modules.drv failed
  View build log at 
  guix system: error: build of 
`/gnu/store/lqwjj7fjf235psw2br5i8y10cm22pq4l-disk-image.drv' failed

The build log looks like this:

             5 (primitive-load "/gnu/store/axmhy07daha215gwbqghh39k7ja?")
  In ice-9/eval.scm:
      619:8  4 (_ #f)
     626:19  3 (_ #<directory (guile-user) 7ffff3fd7c80>)
     293:34  2 (_ #(#<directory (guile-user) 7ffff3fd7c80> #<procedu?>))
  In srfi/srfi-1.scm:
     586:17  1 (map1 ("omap_hsmmc" "ahci" "usb-storage" "uas" "usbh?" ?))
  In gnu/build/linux-modules.scm:
      257:5  0 (_)

  gnu/build/linux-modules.scm:257:5: kernel module not found "omap_hsmmc" 

I am not at all familiar with how the kernel (and its modules) build au-
tomation in guix works, so I am  not sure how to approach this.

FWIW, the host system in this case is x86_64, so this is a cross-build.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Regards, Frank

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