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Re: "user with UID not found" error

From: Jack Hill
Subject: Re: "user with UID not found" error
Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2022 14:37:52 -0400 (EDT)

On Mon, 1 Aug 2022, Christopher Batten wrote:

On Jul 27, 2022, at 8:44 AM, Ricardo Wurmus <> wrote:

Hi Christopher,

Turns out we are using SSSD not NCSD on our Linux systems. It seems to be 
working fine:

You will need to run NSCD if you want Guix software to be able to talk
to the system’s SSSD.  The reason is that SSSD works by having
applications load a library whereas NSCD implements a network protocol.
Software built with Guix cannot load the system libary due to ABI
conflict, but it *can* talk to NSCD over the network.

The system NSCD talks to the system SSSD, so there’s no problem there.


On Wed, Jul 27, 2022 at 12:51 PM Christopher Batten <> wrote:

Hmmm ... this made me think that running both was not a great idea?

But I am not an expert on any of this :) I guess the key is to just make sure 
you only enable caching for hosts in /etc/nscd.conf?


On Jul 28, 2022, at 9:14 PM, Chris Marusich <> wrote:


Thanks for everyone's help! I think I understand now: the key is if we want to 
use guix, then we really do want to run NSCD and SSSD on these RHEL/CentOS 
systems if at all possible.

So I think we just now need to follow the instructions here?

Or do you recommend a different way to run NSCD and SSSD at the same time on 
RHEL/CentOS systems?

Once we figure this out maybe we should add a note about this in the Guix docs 

Especially if Fedora is intending to remove NSCD?


I think I've run into a similar issue trying to run packs as well (in my case on AlmaLinux 9). I produced a pack with

`guix pack -f tarball -RR -S /bin=bin screen sssd glibc`

and running screen from the pack reports:

"getpwuid() can't identify your account!"

screen might be a special-case of program, but it seems the problem exists in some way even when not trying to install Guix.


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