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Re: substitute for Skype

From: David Lecompte
Subject: Re: substitute for Skype
Date: Tue, 02 Aug 2022 07:48:35 +0000

Le lundi 01 août 2022 à 15:26 +0000, Gottfried a écrit :
> Jitsi Meet isn't in guix. But Jami is there.

Jitsi is for voice / video calls / screen sharing, it requires running
a server on one machine but particpants just need a web browser (major
web browser work).

I use a cheap VPS to run a Jitsi server instance. Jisti is packaged for
Debian, it is easy to install an instance without any customization
There is no maintenance to do besides occasional software

This is what I use with a small group of non-technical people within
small distance (5 people usually, some within 700 km range sometimes)
on a regular basis and we rarely have problems (the most frequent
problem is permission issues to access the microphone/camera).

I have tried it once with 12 people, it was more difficult, but I was
using the cheapest VPS possible.

You can try it using public instances without installing one yourself,
for instance using (I guess you are in
Europe, these are European servers).

Of course, it may depend how busy the server is.

For voice only, for a small group, Mumble is a pretty reliable solution
too (it also needs running a server, I never did but I assume it is at
least as easy as Jitsi).


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